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This site is not about all the wonderful things you can do on your mat. It's not about evident and obvious health benefits of Yoga practice. It's not about "hip openers"  or 134 different ways of getting into a perfect handstand...

I believe that the true way to understand if Yoga practice actually works for you - is not by the progress you make on the mat... It is not about getting better at  Yoga. 

The true progress shows in your daily life off the mat.  It's in your attitudes. In the quality of your relationship with the world around you and with your very self.



Being thrilled with how my life has changed and keeps changing since Yoga practice became a solid part of it, I want to share my thoughts and feelings, inspirations and frustrations, observations and experiences I go through on this self-quest journey. 

about me



Originally from Ukraine, now happily settled in Istanbul, Turkey.

Completed my Teacher Training ın 2013 at Sivananda Yoga ashram in India, where I stayed as a teacher for 2 years.

Later I continued teaching at TheLifeCo, the well-being center in Thailand.

With teaching experience of over 1500 hours, with most students being beginners,  I realızed that the starting point in this life-transforming practice is very important. And I help those that are ready to take their life to another level, those that are ready for changes, and those that understand that change is possible only inside out.  I help those hesitating to start a Yoga practice or those that already had a frustrating experience to make a safe and stress-free entrance into Yoga.



practice with me


Hatha Yoga personal training

(Sivananda Yoga tradition)


About me
About me


and practice


Elma, Ljubljana

,,And results were also there...quite a few postures that were challenging on the first day were easy on the 14th day...and when I get home, my regular yoga teacher asked me what happened to me in 2 weeks since the difference was more than evident. I am actively practicing yoga for about ten years, and I have done a lot of different classes and met a lot of yoga teachers, but Anna is definitely within top 3 on my long list. I do highly recommend Anna!

Ilhan, Istanbul

In my own experience, Anna’s process of teaching is paced according to her observation and understanding of the individual student’s own general situation, needs and experience. The progression of the classes happen with continuous mutual feedback, tailoring the next class according to the last one; the result being a student equipped with an awareness of both their own pace of development and specific limitations to overcome, and more firmly standing with their feet in the path of continuous Yogic development. 

Shamim, London

The neck and back pains I had were completely gone by the end of two weeks.


What made Anna amazing? 

• She was really good at demonstrating and explaining each posture and the importance of it

• She put together a great program finely balancing postures, breathing and meditation

• She paced the classes to our needs

• She stretched me a little more each day 

Anna is a lovely holistic, passionate teacher, and I can’t imagine doing yoga with anyone else.

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