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  • Anna Tkachenko

"No more this Yoga talks for me!"

This is what I declared 10 years ago, after first Yoga class my friend brought me to. 

To be exact, she didn’t bring me to a Yoga class, she dragged me into it...

My friend, deeply in love with Yoga from the time first studio ever opened in Ukraine, kept telling me, for months and months, how awesome it is. How relaxed, energized and “ready to move the mountains” she feels after each class, even if it was after a hard, long working day. 

We are close friends, so of course I believed her. Moreover, we worked together in a start-up operation of international corporation, so I really wouldn't mind feeling relaxed and energized myself at the end of hard, long working day.  

But still, somehow, I was not up to it... 

I couldn't reason out my non-willingness to try.  Just didn’t buy it.  Not just yet....

And as my friend was getting better in her Yoga practice, and her talks about it were growing more and more colorful and promising, so did my absolutely reason-less resistance to anything related to Yoga kept growing.

Until one day I got fed up, and we made a deal – I join a class, just one class, try it myself, and if I don’t like it - she stops bugging me and Yoga is banned out of our chatting agenda. For good.

So, I went to a class. I tried it. I didn’t get it.  We both kept the deal.

5 years after that first class, we are still close friends, still both climbing the corporate ladder, but I’m not just - not minding to energize myself after a hard, long working day-, I am a squeezed lemon, rooting into a sofa on a rare day off, having no energy to enjoy what’s left of my free time. 

Simply miserable. 

I realized that something has to change. At my 35 I feel somewhere in between 50 and 75, depending on the day...

So, I cry out for help.  To same, still passionate for Yoga friend, who in spite of very much similar to mine life/work total dis balance, still seems to enjoy life and manages to look and feel way better, then her biological age range. And after another fit of vague resistance (I got so miserable, that I couldn’t even resist properly anymore), Yoga again sneaks into my life.

And this time, slowly but surely, like those climbing plants, that spread its vines from the place it’s attached, clinging to everything on its way in every direction, and eventually covering your old ugly fence with new living, self-maintained beauty.  It took over me completely...  

And I mean literally - completely.

My life has divided into before and after.

In a matter of 10 months I leave my successful corporate career behind, take off to India for my first Teacher Training Course. 

The 30 days course didn’t seem like enough and I moved to an ashram for 2 years, where all you do morning to night – is nothing but Yoga. You either practice it or study it or you teach it.  

Today I am 500 hr certified Yoga instructor with over 1500 hours teaching practice.  After India, there was Thailand, where my working day would start with taking students for a walk on a beach before our morning Yoga session.  After Thailand and up to now – it is the magnificent Istanbul, the city of my dreams, and I own my time.

To say my life has changed with yoga – to say nothing. I still get shivers sometimes, when I just try to fantasize what it would be like, if I didn’t take that second chance in allowing Yoga in, 5 years ago...

Out of hundreds of students I worked with - most are beginners.  And I understand that as universal as Yoga is, especially now, with all its popularity, accessibility and availability and hundreds of styles and schools, your personal starting point is very important. 

Your personal practice should be just as unique as you are. 

And I help those, that are thinking to try but having doubts, or those that did try,  but got frustrated with their first experience just like me, to give it another chance by adjusting the practice to one’s lifestyle and unique needs at the given moment.

I help to make soft and safe entrance into this practice, and help you choose your door, your starting point. 

It can be asanas(postures) or meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) or philosophy of Yoga, or/and all together in a combination that would work the best for you.  I help to build a solid foundation of the practice that can further be developed to any level or style you decide to.

At the end of the day, the point is not to get good at Yoga, at what you do on your yoga mat. 

It is about getting better at life.  The Life you live every single day OFF THE MAT.

And if you are thinking to give it a chance, I must warn you:


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