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in just                     a day

20 min

Learn to release stress/work  related muscle tension

when time is limited

and Yoga is not your option

How do you feel

after a busy working day?

5 Tips for Back Pain Relief at the Offic

Back pain has become annoying "companion" 

of your professional worklife?

video course for busy professionals

learn more

 you have tried it all:  

yoga, pilates, gym, massage...

The effect is either temporary or is just another pain and stress 

special mattress, ergonomic chair didn't help much....

You realised that your body gets in the way of your performance

after a long day at work,

taking yoga class

or any other active body moving 

does not sound like an option...

you have no energy left

to enjoy your after work free time

all you want is to stretch out on a sofa, finding a position where it would just hurt less,

and put out "do not disturb"sign

   you can not ignore this any longer



  • You want to get rid of this annoying sensation at the end

      of each working day once and for good..

  • You want to enjoy the ease and comfort of movement again

       and be in your full power, focused on what is really important for you in life.

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Pain does not have to to go along with your hard work and success

The thing is, pain is a symptom.  The cause is imbalanced muscle tone.

A situation when some muscles are continuously overused while others are being not used enough or at all. It is a certain muscle tone distribution pattern  caused by our lifestyle, how we sit, work, walk, sleep. Over time, this imbalance leads to excessive tension and spasm in the muscles that you experience as pain

And any exercise you do, be it Yoga, running, or fitness, without re-balancing and aligning the overall muscle tone first, without understanding the biomechanics of movement,  will only make it worse.


Overused muscles again will take the most of the load, and become more tensed, and weak ones will stay neglected. 

You may feel the relief but it will be temporary, because your pattern of muscle tone distribution has not changed.

In our online session, I will teach you unique 

self-therapy techniques that will not just release tension and pain  -  the symptom,

but will also address the cause of it.

Practicing just 20 min a day, in your own pace and space, you will soon correct the imbalance and misalignment, and will forget about the pain.

It is absolutely safe and extremely simple excercises that give you maximum efficiency in minimum time.

through NO PAIN AND GAIN approach

  • You will release pain and muscle tension


  • Improve posture and sleep quality

  • Increase energy level and concentration 



Why a Yoga teacher offers a non Yoga option


I am Anna Tkachenko. Internationally certified Yoga teacher, with 3000 + hours of teaching experience.  Yoga has been my main passion and occupation since 2013.


2 years ago, due to a muscle injury,  I had to drop my Yoga  self practice  for 2 months. It was painful to simply walk, forget Yoga...

The injury wasn't  caused by  my practice, and it was not too serious, nothing dramatic.  But  the pain was serious enough to make me reevaluate relationship with body and my  practice.


I had to look for alternative ways to restore my mobility. A way to move and to heal without pain. Thats when I got deeper into psychophysiology, biomechanics, restorative therapies and body intelligence practices.

 I could restore and get back to my regular Yoga routine in couple of months, and I was amazed of how much my practice and my own body awareness has actually progressed.

Pain taught me to listen and to actually understand the body, its ever-present wisdom .

To understand that you can not solve pain through another pain. 

Since then  my relationship with my body, as well as teaching practice has significantly changed.  I call it "No Pain AND Gain" approach.  

And I also know now, that Yoga (in its popular meaning) is not necessarily , and not always a "one for all" solution. 

To really benefit from any physical practice, for it  to be safe healthy and efficient and , you have to be "body intelligent ": be aware of the body,  know what you do for and with your body, and to engage in appropriate action at a given moment of time.

This is what I focus on in my classes and consultations. I am teaching how to make  friends  with the body, and make it your most  helpful and loyal partner in everything you do.

How does it work

We meet online over Skype call,

so you will need a laptop or a tablet. 


I explain and demonstrate the exercises. We practice together,

so I can guide and correct you.


Our session will be recorded and you will get the video to review any time you need.

You will practice on your own, adjusting the time to your lifestyle. 

In one hour session, you will get a set of self-therapy practices that will help you:




release pain and hypertension in muscles


re-balance and align overall body

muscle tone


re-establish healthy brain-body connection by body scan and deep relaxation techniques.

the techniques you will learn are:




no requirements 

easy to do on your own

you don't need a guide

you will feel the effect immediately

regular practice will boost your energy and overall well being

takes minimum of your time

fits easy in busy schedule

60 min online session


                            Before you make the payment, you get a free 30 min assessment call

 On our free  call I can evaluate what practices will work best for you and will design your paid session specifically for you. This way you get the best of your tailor made paid 60 min session.


And you get to learn about the method, actually try it, have your doubts cleared , and decide if it  works for you  before you pay.

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