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Online Personal Training

tailor-made, safe entrance

into Yoga practice

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You’ve been thinking to start yoga practice, but have some doubts...


Or you already had a frustrating experience and thinking to give it another chance.

Whichever is your starting point, I help you make that entrance safe, unique and stress-free.

It can be asana (postures) or meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) or philosophy of Yoga, or/and all together in a combination that would work the best for you. Each class is designed to meet your individual needs and recorded

In the comfort of your home, at your own pace, with each class "tailor-made" for you, we progressively build a solid foundation of your personal yoga practice.


How does it work:

  • We meet online and define your area of focus, specific needs to be attended, the format/pace/complexity of the practice to be.

  • You receive first 3 video classes, designed and recorded SPECIFICALLY for you to practice on your own.

  •  We meet again online for review, follow up and finetuning.

  • You receive the second set of 3 classes, with necessary adjustments that reflect progress made so far and that complete your own set of personal practice.

As a result:

✨ in a total of 6 class materials, tailor-made to fit your unique needs, you learn the main postures and their variations that work best for you.

✨understanding simple biomechanics of the body, applying "no pain AND gain" approach, you build a safe foundation of your personal yoga practice, that will make you confident in any other style/school/tradition that you decide to continue your yoga journey.

✨ you learn how to "make friends" with the body and mind, using yogic relaxation and mindfulness techniques, growing your body intelligence

   Yoga is a universal science of life and one of the most efficient personal development system.

     You choose your door

into this life-transforming practice

- I help you make that entrance safe and unique.


To learn about the course, book your first free consultation pressing this button 




and I will get back to you with all the details.


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